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Lou Jacque

Lou Jacque, a native New Englander, was born April 22, 1974 in Northhampton, Massachusetts. He took an early interest in art and music and has spent the last thirteen years developing his skills in both areas. His interest in art began by watching his brother, Ryan Jacque, who is also an established artist, while his interest in music can be attributed to his mother and father's diverse appreciations of many different types of music. With no formal training, he developed his artistic and musical skills throuhgout his early teens drawing sketches for friends and playing in bands for fun. After he graduated high school in Connecticut, Lou passed up on college to serve an apprenticeship at Body Graphics tattoo in South Windsor, CT. This allowed him the time to play music at night, while learning the ancient art of tattooing during the day.

After three years at Body Graphics, Lou moved on to join the talented staff at Darkside Tattoo in East Haven, CT, where he spent the last eight years furthering his abilities as a professional tattoo artist.

As well as achieving recognition world-wide as a tattoo artist, Lou has never stopped playing music. Now playing for nearly fifteen years, he is an accomplished bass player, guitarist, and drummer.

Lou now resides in North Haven, CT, and is happily married to his beautiful wife Sarah. They have a three year old beautiful little girl named Emma Lou.

Lou is now working at Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery , located at 906 west main street,Branford Ct.(203)481-9372